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SMA Is One of the First Inverter Manufacturers to Receive the SunSpec Certification

Logo_SMA.svgNiestetal/Rocklin, April 14, 2015 – SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is one of the first inverter manufacturers to receive a SunSpec certification from the American SunSpec Alliance for its control interface. SunSpec Alliance is an association of manufacturers from the energy sector. The mission of this commercial alliance is to standardize the “plug and play” communication of PV systems.

With this certification, SMA sends a clear signal: PV system operators not only benefit from compatible products for system monitoring but can also use an open interface for system control. This interface allows users to determine power set points, activate an emergency shutdown and regulate reactive power.

As a member of SunSpec Alliance, SMA supports standardizing and improving the quality of data and the channels of communication for photovoltaic systems, regardless of the manufacturer. With this certification, the SunSpec Alliance has affirmed SMA’s compliance with standards for the supported SunSpec information models 1, 11, 12, 103, 120, 121, 122, 127 and 160. With this certification, SMA, in close cooperation with SunSpec, has assisted in optimizing SunSpec test tools and is therefore one of the first inverter manufacturers to receive certification for the inverter control interface.

“I am happy to congratulate SMA for being among the first inverter manufacturers to certify its control interface and for helping drive the California Rule 21 process,” said SunSpec Alliance Chairman Thomas Tansy.