Victron Energy – Solar off-grid

Victron Energy - Solar off-grid

Solar Solutions can assist in the design and installation of off-grid systems; these are used in boats, caravans and rural areas where there is no Enemalta electricity supply or grid available. The systems are tailor made and designed specifically for the customer’s specific needs. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


An ‘off grid’ or ‘stand alone’ system is less common than on grid systems. An off grid is able to produce and store power independently from the Enemalta grid.

These systems are particularly suitable in remote locations, especially those where the property is more than one-quarter mile from the nearest power lines. Often the installation of an off grid PV system proves more cost-effective than extending the power lines.

The system is identical to an ‘on-grid’ system, however instead of being connected to Enemalta, the power is stored in batteries. The batteries supplied by Solar Solutions Ltd are batteries which are specifically made for heavy duty applications in PV use. Batteries used in the auto and other industries are not suitable to the heavy charging and discharging cycle and will not perform well. The recent cost effectiveness of Lithium batteries has given a number of advantages; namely high discharge rates and longer lifetimes.

An off-grid system is made up of a number of components which have to be carefully matched to the power needs of the site. The solar panels will generate the electricity, a charge controller will manage the charging to the batteries and a DC to AC inverter will change the voltage from DC (12V/24Vor 48V) to a pure sine wave 230V at 50Hz. the system would then need it’s specific protective switchgear and earthing.

Victron Energy Ltd is a dedicated company specialised in off-grid and on-grid solutions; supplying a total package of: solar panels for off-grid, charge controllers, lithium and deep cycle batteries and true sine wave DC to AC inverters.

Victron Energy off-grid charge controllers

Victron Energy off-grid DC to AC inverters

Victron Energy deep cycle and Lithium Batteries

Victron Energy Lithium battery datasheet