News and notices from Solar Solutions Ltd in Malta | Solar Solutions Ltd. - Part 2

More Schemes to encourage the use of Renewable Energy

The Minister for Energy and Health notes with satisfaction the positive way in which the present feed in tariff scheme for sources of renewable energy was […]

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Hyundai Heavy Industries was nominated 209th in the “2014 Fortune Global 500”

Hyundai Heavy Industries was nominated 209th in the “2014 Fortune Global 500” In the “Industrial Machinery” segment, Hyundai Heavy Industries was the highest ranking company. Hyundai Heavy […]

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SMA Is One of the First Inverter Manufacturers to Receive the SunSpec Certification

Niestetal/Rocklin, April 14, 2015 – SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) is one of the first inverter manufacturers to receive a SunSpec certification from the American SunSpec Alliance […]

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