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KYOCERA and Four Other Companies Reach Basic Agreement on Development Plan for 430-Megawatt Solar Power Project
Kyoto/Neuss, June 12, 2014 – Photovolt Development Partners GmbH, Kyocera Corporation, Kyudenko Corporation, ORIX Corporation, and Mizuho Bank, Ltd. today announced that they have reached a basic agreement to investigate the possibility of operating a 430-megawatt (MW) solar power plant on the island of Ukujima (Sasebo City, Nagasaki Pref., Japan). The project would be the largest in the world to be implemented on agricultural land.(*1)

Photovolt Development Partners began planning this project in April 2013 with the aim of helping to contribute to environmental protection and economic revitalization on the remote island. Approximately 150 billion yen (approx. 1.09 billion EUR)(*2) in investment is planned for the project, with a goal of starting construction in FY2016 (April 2015 to March 2016). The project envisions using a combined land area of roughly 6.3 million square meters at multiple locations, covering roughly 25 percent of the small island of Ukujima, part of the Goto Islands off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. The project plans to utilize approximately 1,720,000 of Kyocera’s high-output polycrystalline solar modules to create a 430MWp system that would generate an estimated 500,000MWh per year, the equivalent power annually used by roughly 138,800 typical households(*3), offsetting roughly 252,200 tons(*4) of CO2 each year.
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(*1)Largest in the world for a solar power plant built on agricultural land (as of June 12, 2014).
(*2) For the reader’s convenience; based on an exchange rate of JPY138 = EUR1
(as of June 11, 2014).
(*3)Based on an average annual use of 3,600kWh per household. Source: Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan.
(*4)Based on calculations derived from standards created by JPEA (Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association).

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