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Solar S0lutions Ltd had chosen to work with the trusted German manufacturer SMA from the very first PV installation in Malta. The first inverter used was an SMA SB2100TL which is still in perfect working order in 2017.



• Optimal Efficiency

The Sunny Boy inverter family convinces with a real efficiency of more than 98%. The advantages of the string technology such as connection of the modules in series, missing diode arrays, minimized mismatching losses and so on increase the PV system efficiency by another 1 to 3% compared to others. Sunny Boy provides the best available system efficiency.

• Surge Voltage Protection

Sunny Boy Inverters are equipped with thermally monitored varistors on the DC side – a male function of these is indicated with a LED and can be supervised with a remote monitoring system.

• Reliability

Highest reliability and a lifetime of over 20 years were major aspects taken into account during the design of the Sunny Boy string Inverters.

• Overload Capability

The power electronics and the heat sinks of the Sunny Boys are well dimensioned in order to allow the Sunny Boy to operate continuously even in surroundings with high ambient temperatures. This means: You can rely on the Sunny Boy string inverter.

• Simplest Installation

The modules are switched to a string and then connected to the Sunny Boy. DC distribution cases and connection boxes are no longer necessary any more resulting in drastically reduced installation costs.

• Connect It Anywhere

The Sunny Boy string inverter can be connected to any available part of the AC distribution system of the house.

• Mount It Anywhere

The stainless steel case with protection class IP65 and the wide temperature range allow the Sunny Boy to be mounted nearly anywhere. The Sunny Boy can be installed directly on the rack of the PV modules, on the roof or on the wall of your house. A world-wide usage of the inverter is therefore possible.

• Diagnosis And Communication Via Power line – No Extra Cables

Of course you can communicate with your Sunny Boy. Measurement values and messages are transmitted to a PC on the existing power line with a socket modem. The Windows based program Sunny Data visualizes the system performance and controls the Inverters. You are continuously informed about the situation of your PV plant.

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SMA Inverters – the most efficient string inverter in Malta.

Advanced technology and highest reliability have made the string inverters from SMA the most widely used inverters for grid connection in Europe. In Malta SMA have been used on over 75% of all PV systems that were installed in the past few years. SMA was used in Maltese PV installations from day 1 and has inverters which have been programmed to the specific grid conditions in Malta.

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