Solar Solutions Ltd is Malta’s leading renewable energy company. We are a team of dedicated specialists who set up the company in 2005 with a commitment to a high level of customer service, offering a complete solution to the implementation of renewable energy generation. Our customer base includes both residential and commercial customers. We have extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of domestic solar water heaters, commercial solar thermal systems and photovoltaic systems (both on grid and off grid). We also specialise in the design and installation of battery storage systems to maximise generated photovoltaic energy.

Our EV mobility section is experienced in electric vehicle charging; we can design, supply and install, operate and maintain electric vehicle chargers for both domestic and commercial customers. We have been responsible for the installation and operation of the public EV charging network in Malta since 2012.

Our work is backed by scientific data collected from systems installed in Malta since 2005. This enables us to design PV systems which are tailor-made to the local climatic and grid conditions. The high quality of our work is backed by international guarantees of companies that lead the field in renewable energy generation, such as Kyocera, Hyundai, JA Solar, SMA, SolarEdge and Siemens.


High yield investment guaranteed

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