Solar Water Heating


SIELINE SIEMENS TECHNIK solar heaters have been manufactured for the last 40 years, for the Mediterranean climate. Many systems are still working today!

Quality – SIELINE solar water heaters are manufactured to the highest international standards, namely EN12976. 

Affordability – Quality does not come at a high price. We have offers on certain models and SIELINE SIEMENS are fully eligible to the €1400 (purchase of Sieline INOX 316L best quality marine grade stainless steel boiler) refund from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) and also for a €500 refund on maintenance costs for the first 5 years.

International Certification: CE, TÜV, EN 12976, EBHE

Local Certification: Fully certified to the Regulator for Energy & Water Services scheme. The certification is to EN12976 and this means that the whole system is to the EN12976. This includes all the components that make up the solar heater.

This standard comprises tests for a complete solar heating system, i.e. solar collector (as covered in MSA EN 12975) plus the support structure, hot water reservoir tank, electric heater, safety equipment and control. The tests included in this standard are intended to provide for the durability, reliability and safety of the complete solar heating system.

This would include also:

  • pressure tests for the hot water reservoir and the collector loop piping,
  • over temperature protection,
  • requirements for the supporting frame, for Malta this is a galvanised steel structure using electrostatic paint to further protect from the elements,
  • safety requirements,
  • requirements for electrical circuits,
  • prevention of water back flow, and
  • requirements for scald protection.

Boiler Specifications:

  • Closed-circuit boiler (optimum heat exchanging)
  • 316L, INOX marine grade stainless steel inner tank
  • A thick layer of polyurethane insulation (50mm) maintains the water hot for longer periods
  • Inox high grade stainless steel outer casing
  • Resistance 1 to 4 kW – A 4kW electrical element heats up to 4 times faster (When required, this can be sized according to customer’s request),
  • Thermostat with double protection
  • Double anode protection.Uses one of the largest anodes ever, installed in water heaters to protect against corrosion.

Collector Specifications:

  • Solid unified surface with no external piping (no wear and tear on exposed copper piping and insulation, therefore reducing losses)
  • 2 to 4 sq meter extra absorbent surface (larger surface area to increase heating efficiency)
  • 2 to 4 sq meter absorber surface area (up to 100% more absorber area than most evacuated tube systems, still occupying less space on your roof)
  • Anodized aluminium frame resists all weather conditions
  • Latest generation Tinox blue collectors (absorbs more solar radiation)
  • Polyurethane insulation (very high thermal property guarantees perfect insulation in winter whilst allowing heat exhausting in summer to avoid overheating)
  • SIELINE SIEMENS panels are supplied with food grade safe glycol in collectors (no calcium deposits inside collectors and heat exchanger)
  • Security 4mm prisimed tempered solar glass (more resistant, safer and enhances efficiency by deflecting back any stray radiation)
  • Copper pipes 12mm thickness (better heat transfer)
  • Collector wings 1mm thickness

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